The Plan

Jump on a plane to Puglia, Italy. Rent a Fiat 500 (of course), stay in a traditional Truli house and visit as many towns in the region as possible. And, taste as many local delicacies as our tummys would allow

The Challenge

Having only visited true tourist hotspots in Italy previously the language barrier hadn’t been too much of an issue. Embarrassingly, my Italian is pretty poor and in some cases could be said to have resembled Spanish but we got by… perhaps with some unintentional food orders. Like most trips, we had to cull some incredible spots, leaving me itching to come back for some more exploring. There is so much to see, really you need at least one day per town.

The Reality

We squeezed every hour out of this trip but some of our stops were very fleeting, like our couple of hours in Lecce. However, we had a numerous true Puglian cuisine experiences, saw some dramatic scenery and absolutely loved staying in a local truli house. It made the experience all the more authentic



Hands down the winner here is a segway tour around the little town of Alberobello. Super fun and the best way to see the town if you are a bit short on time!



Polignano captured my heart on this trip. Beautiful cobbled streets and incredible coastline views like this were in abundance. Don’t miss this one out!



Antipasti in Polignano. The perfect Italian refuel in a lovely setting on a little side street…. these lovely cafes are everywhere so you can’t go too far wrong.